Important Notices Regarding COVID-19

EFFECTIVE: July 5, 2021

To Our Valued Clients,

Battlefield Animal Clinic is excited to welcome you back into our clinic! We will be lifting our modified procedure for appointment check in/out and product or prescription pick-ups. We continue to strive to balance our role in protecting the community with social distancing and being available for you and your pet’s medical needs. Please read the outline below for our “Reopening plan.”

**Please do not come to the clinic if you have a fever and/or feel ill and reschedule your pet’s appointment for a later date.

**In the event of an emergency call us to provide authorization for another individual to bring your pet in and make medical decisions on your behalf**

  1. For ALL surgery, grooming, drop-off exams, or technician appointments, we will continue to encourage all clients to utilize the curbside check-in procedures. Please call the clinic at 703-361-0271 when you arrive to check-in your pet.
  2. You may now check in for appointments, prescription pickups, or sample drop offs in person in the lobby, OR you can call 703-361-0271 for curbside service. MASKS are strongly recommended for all those not fully vaccinated against the coronavirus for those who are choosing to enter the building for their pets services.
  3. We will continue to limit the number to one (1) person only for clients electing to enter the building for their pet’s appointments.
  4. If you have kids with you that cannot be unattended in your vehicle, we ask that you call the clinic to check-in over the phone and continue to wait in your vehicle for all services.

  • For all curbside services, please make sure ALL PETS are either in a carrier or have the leash fastened securely before exiting the vehicle.
  • For checking out and picking up your pet from their drop off appointment, BAC is encouraging clients to utilize curbside check-out procedures, however if you prefer to come in and checkout in person please refer to above 2-4.
  • We will have limited space in the lobby in keeping with the recommended social distancing recommendations from the CDC. If there is not enough room in the lobby you will be asked to wait in your car after you and your pet check-in. A member of our staff will call you when they are ready for you and your pet.
  • For all routine and urgent care appointments, when your appointment is complete you will be released to the lobby to resume normal check out procedures. If you prefer to check-out in the exam room for privacy reasons, please communicate with either the Veterinary Assistant or the Veterinarian.

We are very excited to welcome you back and see your faces again! We thank you for your continued trust and support.

Management Team of
Battlefield Animal Clinic

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